Why CrowdCam was Created

“I was getting married and I wanted something that would collect all the photos that my friends and family would be taking. After thinking about all the fun pictures that would be taken on our big day, I thought about my Grandma and how she loves looking at photos. The only problem was that she wasn’t going to bother with downloading an app or visiting a website to see them. I knew if there was a way I stream those photos onto a TV or projector she, and everyone else, would be able to enjoy the photos right there as it was happening. And the secret sauce of CrowdCam was born.

After seeing how happy my Grandma and the rest of my friends and family were to see the photos streaming in real-time, it was obvious that it was something that we should offer others to could help them enjoy their special moments. I partnered with a crazy smart engineer that I meet while working at Target corporate and the two of us brought CrowdCam to fruition. I hope you enjoy CrowdCam as much as my Grandma and the happy customers that have used it already.”

- Justin Nikolaus, co-founder of CrowdCam

Justin and his Grandma

Justin and his Grandma sharing a laugh at his wedding.

Meet the Team

Justin Nikolaus

Justin Nikolaus, CEO

Justin is a user experience designer that has designed high profile web and mobile apps for Microsoft, Target, and Thomson Reuters. In 2014 he came up with the idea for CrowdCam to fill a need at his own wedding. Now he is responsible for the design, marketing, sales, and business operations duties for CrowdCam. Originally from the Midwest, he currently lives in sunny Seattle. When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends his time traveling and drinking wine with his beautiful wife.

Joakim Fernstad

Joakim Fernstad, CTO

Joakim is a mechatronics engineer from Sweden, turned entrepreneur in the US. He is a strong software engineer but he also dabbles in electronics development. While in the US, he worked on iPhone and iPad apps for Fortune 500 companies, such as Target, but also developed embedded software for medical devices such as patient monitors. He also developed the iPhone app for a small Silicon Valley startup, Gliph. Currently he is the CTO and co-founder of CrowdCam and in charge of architecting the software for their servers and web service clients.